Wolfram, The Death Knight - Physical Version
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Wolfram, The Death Knight - Physical Version

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The legends of The Undying King Agannon also speak of his most loyal of servants - Wolfram.

Betrayed by the Gods for his service, this paladin fell to disillusion - leading him to swearing an oath of conquest and vengeance to his new dark master. His oath would take him beyond death and grant him untold strength - their unholy pact would create the first Death Knight.

Agannon granted him a blade of terrible power and origin. Embedded within the guard was one of several phylacteries hidden throughout space.. and time. With the blade, Wolfram could siphon the souls of those around him to feed the phylactery embedded within. If Agannon should fall - he would be be tasked with feeding the phylactery and bringing the blade back to his master's domain.

This miniature stands at approximately 40mm tall and sits on a 25.4mm / 1 inch base,

This 3D Printed model kit is supplied unpainted and assembly is required. The model kit components are packed in sealed baggies tucked inside a cardboard box.

This is not a toy! Recommended for ages 14+. Will likely be harmful if chewed or swallowed.


Comet Lord Miniatures' resin cast and 3D printed products are manufactured in and shipped from TrenchWorx's facility in Sandy, Utah.

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