Ulysses, The God Emperor

This is a set of digital STL files for 3D Printing. No physical product.


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Presupported Miniature - All STLs included have a presupported option.


This item includes:

3D Printable STL files


Ulysses Base - Medium (25.4mm)

Ulysses Base - Large (50.8mm)



  • Ulysses Chaise Pose
  • Ulysses Harem Pose
  • Ulysses Pose 1
  • Ulysses Pose 2
  • Ulysses Pose 3
  • Ulysses Pose 4



  • Ulysses Followers - Female - Bowl
  • Ulysses Followers - Female - Jug
  • Ulysses Followers - Male - Bowl
  • Ulysses Followers - Male - Jug


Chitubox Files

  • Ulysses Bust Base
  • Ulysses Bust
  • Ulysses Followers
  • Ulysses


Ulysses, The God Emperor

God-Emperor Ulysses. The great leader of The Andraxian Empire. This herculean man stands a head above most mortals. His swept back hair and irises shimmer like pure polished gold. His people and any blessed enough to lay eyes upon him have describe his form as statuesque. As if each part of him was chiselled to perfection by the finest artist in Andraxia, which are second to none.

To match his appearance, his ego and charisma are second to none. As each speech he gives is awe-inspiring, powerful and always ego-maniacal.