Thraul, The Demon Scarecrow

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Presupported Miniature - Most STLs included have a presupported option.


This item includes:

3D Printable STL files

Thraul - The Demon Scarecrow Base - 50.8mm

Bust Base


Thraul - The Demon Scarecrow

Thraul - The Demon Scarecrow - Separated

  • Arm Claw
  • Arm - Saw
  • Arm - Scythe
  • Leg - Left
  • Leg - Right
  • Main Body



    • Thraul - Demon Scarecrow

    Chitubox Files

    • Bust
    • Demon Scarecrow


    Thraul, The Demon Scarecrow

    A horrifying demon that possesses creatures to inflict fear upon those of the material plane. Unfortunately, Thraul was unwillingly bound to a scarecrow by a coven of foul hags.

    Bound to this frail form, his demonic influence began to change it. Flesh manifested and terrible weapons formed from it, Thraul became a force to be feared.