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This is a free 22 Page preview of The Comet Codex. A D&D 5e compatible bestiary PDF.

This is a digital PDF, this is not a physical product.

This includes:

  • New rules for using 'Dread Actions' in this PDF.

Stats, art and lore for:

  • Agaros Devil
  • The Apathetic & Dreadmite
  • Comet Lord Emissary, Lesser & Hedron Protector
  • Dune Dragon, Adult
  • The Faceless
  • The False Knight
  • Perpetual Knight
  • Rebel Crimson Legionnaire
  • Revanicus Blood Knight
  • Toon Grinning Man

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The Comet Codex BackerKit

Thank you to everyone that collaborated on this project with me.

Designers: Willy Abeel, Leon Barillaro, Carlos Cisco, Alex Clippinger, Sam Mannell

Editor: Marcie Wood

Layout & Graphic Design: Cris Viana

Cover Illustration: Marcelo Orsi Blanco

Illustration and Design: Álvaro Jiménez, Marcelo Orsi Blanco, Mark Hretskyi, Saša Đurđević, Allison Theus, Zuzanna Wuzyk

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