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This is a set of digital STL files for 3D Printing. No physical product.


These files are for personal use only. Please do not share these files. These files are not for resale and models printed from these files are not to be sold for profit. These are not for commercial use.


This includes The Bullywug Elite miniature files. They sit on Medium (25.4mm) bases. Each Bullywug comes in 3 poses. This also comes with a bust of the Bullywug Knight and 3 spiritual weapons.

This miniature comes with optional presupported files for resin printing. These files come as ready to go STL files or Lychee files if you wish to edit the supports for your custom needs.

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The Bullywug Elite

The Bullywug Elite consists of the most loyal and devout of The Gutter King's kin. The most notable are:

Sir Galatoad, The Valiant Gutter Knight

Sir Fraugrin, The Nimble Gutterknife

Sir Wogs The Stronger, The Gutter Brute

Despite what their kin is known for, these Bullywugs are quite skilled and should not be underestimated. They are equipped with literal scrap equipment and debris, but they have trained to serve their king and the 'Three-Eyed God'. Their oath to The Bullywug King and their God would push them to fight beyond their limits and to smite those that threat The Gutters.
Inadvertently, these Bullywugs might be some of the first paladins of their kind. Through sheer willpower they have forged oaths that grant them great power. Their masters don't actually possess powers to grant like a celestial or fiend.

Sir Galatoad wears the old battle-damaged armour of a soldier or guard. His old trusty and rusty sword has never failed him. Valiantly he strikes down those that oppose the King. He is not quite as nimble as Fraugrin, but most don't expect him to be as quick as he is in armour.

Sir Fraugrin works from the shadows to ensure that their King's will be done. He wears remnants of a coat and wields two makeshift knives. With haste, he travels The Gutters, Under City and even the streets of Stormwall without detection. He is not as courageous as Galatoad, or as powerful as Wogs The Stronger, but he is quick and quite sharp for his kin.

Sir Wogs The Stronger is the muscle of the elite. Saying that they are not the brightest of his kin could be concerning. What he lacks in brains he surely makes up with brawn. He wields a sewer pipe he tore from a stone brick wall. Wielding the lead-pipe-in-the-stone, he crushes anything that stands in his way.. or anything that is near.. even other Bullywugs if they get in the way.

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