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This is a set of digital STL files for 3D Printing. No physical product.


These files are for personal use only. Please do not share these files. These files are not for resale and models printed from these files are not to be sold for profit. These are not for commercial use.


This includes Judge Gunslinger Bloodhunter miniatures. It sits on a (25.4mm) base. It comes in 5 poses. This also comes with two spiritual weapons and a bust.

This miniature comes with optional presupported files for resin printing. These files come as ready to go STL files or Lychee files if you wish to edit the supports for your custom needs.

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Judge, The Gunslinger Bloodhunter

Judge, an Itherian adventurer that has found his place in the world as a hired gun.

As per usual, his Itherian attire drew a bit too much attention with the vast amounts of filigrees and trim. So through the years he has donned a less notable duster for work reasons, but he can't let go of the large Itherian hat.

More notable is his equipment - it's not too often you see someone wielding a firearm of any sort. A revolver with a mounted blade (and Itherian filigrees) gathers quite a few glances and can be great for intimidation tactics.

His time with the Crimson Hunters wasn't his style, too many rules and sometimes he'd like to deal with monsters that can't petrify him, tear him limb from limb or use his soul as a catalyst for some dark ritual. At least he would like to deal with those kind of monsters on his own terms.
Years later he was recruited into an order of undead slaying bloodhunters - mostly comprised of people that left the Crimson Hunters, but not wanting to necessarily join a rebellion against the state. Instead, they work in shadows and use powerful blood magic to empower themselves and their weapons.
He realized that this work lead him to the same place as the Crimson Hunters, but with kindred spirits. He couldn't just let creatures of the night terrorize the innocent. He also couldn't live as a pawn for some vampire noble. These bloodhunters gave him the skills to continue his life with few tenets to abide and he could use their knowledge to defend the powerless.

The work outside the order that he would take over the years wasn't always heroic or on the right side of the law, but sometimes the monster that needs to be dealt with is a horrid neighbour, cruel thug or corrupt noble.
Judge isn't one to cause a ruckus if he can avoid it, some smooth talking or passive threats usually can do the trick. The perfect job is when it's just a misunderstanding that can be discussed over good spirits and a cigar. A new acquaintance can always lead to a future job or someone to share a drink with at the inn.

Lately, he's found work for a shady noble as a dead-eye mercenary. Sometimes he is tasked with gathering artifacts, dealing with displeased patrons or forcing a business deal to conclude favourably. His tasks seem to point towards something occult taking place, but nothing he can know for certain. So he continues his work waiting for the smoking gun.
His client, Arthur Colbrandt is a very influential noble that has investments in businesses and institutions across the nations. He is described as arrogant, cold and calculating - All his work is on a need to know basis. Whatever Judge suspects he is a planning - he's only got a piece of the puzzle. He knows that Arthur doesn't accept failure and is willing to make someone disappear if they cross him.

Not everything with Arthur has been foreboding or ominous. Judge's most recent tasks lead to crossing paths with Aurelia and Luther. He now considers them friends after a number of life-or-death encounters.

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