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This is a set of digital STL files for 3D Printing. No physical product.


These files are for personal use only. Please do not share these files. These files are not for resale and models printed from these files are not to be sold for profit. These are not for commercial use.


This includes Captain Shattershell Pirate Tortle miniatures. It sits on a Medium (25.4mm) base. It comes in 4 poses. This also comes with a bust, spiritual weapon, standalone cannon and cannon blast effect.

This miniature comes with optional presupported files for resin printing. These files come as ready to go STL files or Lychee files if you wish to edit the supports for your custom needs.

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Captain Shattershell, The Tortle Pirate

Captain Shattershell, one of many terrors of the Sea of Storms.

Him and his crew of ruthless pirates have brought ruin to countless ships that have crossed their path. A life of villainy and plundering riches from hard working sailors isn't always smooth sailing.

Captain Shattershell, a pirate infamous for surviving sure deathblows.
Scarred and broken would be words to describe him, but definitely not to his face. This cruel tortle shows is merciless and it may be why he still lives on.

His most known deadly encounter include an attempted mutiny encounter with a shark ogre.

The shark ogre, terrible sea beasts known for taking the lives of many sailors. A deadly combination of the ferocity of a Great White Shark, the large humanoid stature like that of a lean ogre and even worse - the regeneration of a troll. A beast of ceaseless hunger that the Captain likes to keep on board so he can unleash it upon those that dare oppose him.

The not-so-well known Captain was the target of a power grab on his ship. A couple of his crew planned to take him out in cold blood. Fearing a duel against the Captain, they planned to ambush him with a cannon and the captive shark ogre they had on board.

The plan almost worked, except that forgot to factor in exactly how hard it was to kill the Captain - he just wouldn't let The Deathbringer take him.

He walked on deck and was met with a cannon blast to the back. Shattering his shell as he dropped to the deck bloody and broken. As he managed to pick himself back up, he drew his blade.
Driven by the smell of blood, they Shark Ogre burst from below the deck and dragged him under. The sound of flesh ripping and tearing, battle cries, roars and cannon fire shook the ship. Eventually, it went quiet as the smell of blood and blackpowder smoke filled the air. The rest of the crew gathered on the main deck avoiding the traitors, watching from a distance.

Looking into the lower deck, one of the traitors was met by a cannon blast tearing him into two. His accomplice was shell shocked by the sudden carnage. Stuttering and unable to pick himself up he watched as the Captain hobbled up to the main deck - a plank as a crutch for his missing leg and a smoking cannon in hand. The rest of the crew watched as he aimed at the traitor and fired. There stood broken and bloody with shark teeth embedded in his flesh - Captain Shattershell.

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