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This is a set of digital STL files for 3D Printing. No physical product.


These files are for personal use only. Please do not share these files. These files are not for resale and models printed from these files are not to be sold for profit. These are not for commercial use.


This includes Sarcophagus Mimic miniature files. It sits on a (76.2mm) base. It comes in 1 pose and a sarcophagus.

This miniature comes with optional presupported files for resin printing. These files come as ready to go STL files or Lychee files if you wish to edit the supports for your custom needs.

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Sarcophagus Mimic

The ancient tombs of Saathrasesh are often filled with deadly traps and cryptic puzzles to deter unwanted guests. Deep within these forgotten halls slumbers the long dead lords of the desert along with their treasures.

Usually these tombs are guarded by the undying servants of their master. However, some tombs are much more deadly than the rest. These can utilize deadly arcane wards or even horrifying monsters.

One of these monsters is the mimic - however, these strange creatures have been altered using the denizens of The Undersands.

The Saathrian Mimic or 'Sarcophagus Mimic' is a horrifying shapeshifting aberration. These creatures often mimic sarcophagi and when a person attempts to steal from a tomb, it reveals its true form.

The old stone exterior of the sarcophagus acts as a shell for the mimic, similar to a huge crustacean or insect. Numerous limbs burst out with sharp blade-like ends ready to pierce and grab it's prey. A tail-like limb forms with a deadly paralytic venom to make consuming it's prey easier. The strange head design on the sarcophagus forms into strange cluster of tentacles while the face forms a protective mask. Along its neck and head a multitude of twitching eyes form looking in all directions.

Once it has it's prey, it attempts to contort and consume them whole. Like putting a body in a sarcophagus, once it has it's prey in it's maw - the mimic tries to rebuild it's sarcophagus form around it's victim. Once it has encased it's prey, it slowly digests them to sustain itself for long periods of time.

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