Barrow, The Firbolg Death Cleric

This is a set of digital STL files for 3D Printing. No physical product.

These files are for personal use only. Please do not share these files. These files are not for resale and models printed from these files are not to be sold for profit.

This item includes:

  • Medium Base

  • Tiny Base
  • Barrow Pose - 01
  • Barrow Pose - 01 - No Raven

  • Barrow Pose - 02
  • Barrow Pose - 02 - No Raven

  • Barrow Pose - 03
  • Barrow Pose - 03 - No Raven

  • Barrow Pose - 04
  • Barrow Pose - 04 - No Raven

  • Undead Minion 01
  • Undead Minion 02
  • Barrow Raven Familiar
  • Barrow Scythe Spiritual Weapon



Barrow, The Firbolg Death Cleric

Barrow, a Firbolg that looks quite gaunt compared to most of his kin. Still, he looms over most people like his kin. His dark attire matches his personality and the magic he wields. The most his companions get out of him is the odd bit of dark humour or the odd chuckle.

He is always accompanied by the dead that serve him or his trusty raven companion.